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(XBOX 360) JON's Option File V1.1 PES 2010 (EPL, La Liga,)


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yo pesaddict are u still here? please man i need real help only u can help!

Hey Saka,

Do you got an HDD? The other uniform files are problably called ''Unknown Profile'', thats why they don't load. I had this problem with my brothers 360, you have to tranfer all files to the HDD, then move them back to the USB. when moving the 360 reasign the files to your profile if I'm right ( this worked with me!! If you wait till tomorrow I will release an update with more World Cup teams!!


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whats hdd? i only have a usb can u help me ? i have only usb

mmmmm, do you have like 2 USB's? then you could move them from USB to USB. Maybe it's an idea to put your profile file (xbox tag) on your USB and then put the files on the usb, maybe this way they get assigned to your profile.


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i dont get u man. i have 2 memory sticks. i think i can use them. how i do it?

First place all files ( about 200) on one USB. Make sure both usb are configured with the 360. Since you got no Harddisk, I think you also saved your profile and save files on 1 USB. Put the files on the empty USB and tranfer the files via your 360 to the other USB (which includes your profile and save files etc.). After this 'move' them back again. While 'Moving'' the files one by one they assign to your profile, this worked with me, on my brother 360 with an HDD. I think it should also work with you. But i'm not sure. I moved all 200 files one by one to the HDD in your case this should be your USB instead of HDD with your xbox live tag etc. on it. Hope this works it's very time consuming.


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Hey everybody,

I'm done editing now, :)

I made the kits (Home/Away/Keeper) of:

South africa
North Korea
Zwitserland (Sweiz)
Belgium (allready in V1)
Wales (allready in V1)
Bosnia and Herzegovina

I will release the update problably tommorow!:cool:

Cool man should be dope! But one thing I installed everything worked fine! 1 thing Sergio Romero of Argentina GK was missing his face, Now he had it before I placed the option file but now it's gone so I erased it and waiting for the new update you got . Hopefully you see this and check it out.


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thanks for trying to help me but it dont work :(
btw i can help u guys make 2010/2011 kits but without sponsers cause the sponser bits are my problem. if u need any 2010/2011 kits just tell me