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Xbox edit mode. Why always are we unlucky?


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I would tell to Konami that it isn't possible have every year some edit mode different from ps3 users. Why we can't import png files thrue usb stick pen?
Is not faire at all !!!

sorry for my english


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yeah this is pathetic, but as ppl say its not konamis fault more Microsoft and thier pathetic rules. How the hell on an xbox can you create a stadium using the camera!!!

This is so old hat MS sort it out, why the hell does it pay to have USB support otherwise!!! Pathetic company!!!


I actually think it could be a mixture of Konami and Microsoft this year because when in HMV I noticed Microsoft now sell Xbox 360 USB stick drives (8GB and 16GB) which makes me wonder whether it's actually laziness upon Konami's part now.


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Its a bit of both as sony are region free for games but not films, microsoft were the other way round, so you have to have both.


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It's annoying that XBox360 doesn't allow for custom fancing designs on stadia like the PS3 does.

I'd love to see a fence editor in PES12, along the lines of the logo creation for the kits.