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You Got the Power?

Flipper the Priest

The Northern Light
Personally I feel that we are all faceless, anonymous if you you like, to one another on PESInsight.

So it's photo time.

But wait, it's not just any old photo. You have to prove to yourself, and the PESInsight faithful, that you, yes YOU have the Power.

So stick on "Eye of the Tiger", headbutt your bedroom wall, watch Rocky IV, anything, to get pumped up!

Save and open this with Windows Picture Viewer.

Print it out.

Get the camera out. And prove that you, and a piece of A4, can scare us shitless.

Go on, get your power face on . .

Flipper the Priest

The Northern Light


Go on, give it all you got . . .

Tenacious D

Registered User
Zygalski said:
Great thread. :)
I don't have a printer though.
dont you mean you dont have a camera or have i got the wrong end of the stick......hey i have wanted to see what zyg looked like :rolleyes: for some reason i think he looks like a ninja :D

Paul B

Registered User
rafro said:
dont you mean you dont have a camera or have i got the wrong end of the stick

He means he can't print out the all-important sign due to having no printer. :p

He has a camera alright, as we saw from the North vs South ;)
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The beautiful game
rafro said:
because his picture in the corner is of that ninja guy from Toonami that's why! :p sorry it's just......that's my first impression of him :p

i always thougth he looked like a Hitman :rolleyes: dont know why