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Your best PES-moment?


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Hi guys!

All PES-fans knows the euphoric feeling when you experience some magic moment in the game. It could be scoring a great goal in ML/BaL to win a match on fergietime or saving a penalty to save yourself from relegation. :rolleyes: Just curious of what others have experienced. Your best PES-moment ever. GO!


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Best? Back on PES 4, playing a tourney with some mates. Last game, made it (more by luck than judgement) to the final. Winning goal in a tense 1-0 came from 40odd yards, pretty much a hit & hope in the dying moments of the game. Spent the rest of the evening trying to convince them it was intentional :D

Thanks to peoples marriages, kids and working lives, these kind of moments are a real rarity these days. Was always better all in one room with beer & kebabs to fuel the chaos :)


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Probably playing against mates on PES4 and PES6, back when PES was just a joy to play and FIFA was sh^t.

Hopefully this year's the one where PES really comes to life, brings back some of those good times!


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From PES11: My captain, Munedoscu, running up from the back to secure a last minute equalizer in the final game of one of my ML seasons, ensuring that I went the whole league campaign unbeaten :smug:


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We used to run a ghetto community league back at my university. Kept all the stats on a huge white chalk board. After exhausting clubs we went on to natl squads, playing on PES 6 mind you. One of the guys randomly got Brazil as his team and went on a rampage 16 wins in a row I distinctly remember. I randomly got Angola of all teams and low and behold I ended the streak with them!

It was massive because this kid was the kind of person that showboated and boasted about how good he was (ignoring the fact he was one of the best teams in the game). 10 goof kids all huddled around the Ps2 reacting as if it was the real final in the World cup. I took it 1-0 everybody went ape shit. One of the guys actually went on amazon bought a mini Angola flag and plastered it on my friends door a few days later. Oh and I lost the next game because Angola is shit but for that game they were kings!


PES 4, 5 and 6 - Saturday night tournaments with friends

PES2009 - First few nights with BAL

PES2013 Demo (teams unlocked) - Saturday night tournament with friends for the first time in years. We played exhibition matches and wrote the scores on paper, like the good old days!


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When I got a reborn Heskey in PES 2011's ML, was so bloody damn happy.

Ended up selling him though at 20 when I chose Pantelic ahead of him.

Seriously though, it was when I won the spanish league on some old PES back in the PS2 days. That wasn't all though, I won this special retiero ball that I loved to play with


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Some interesting stuff here hehe

For me there have been 2 occasions/incidents of particular note

Winning the master league that is both the UCL & the leage itself, purely only playing as a manager , so just watching the AI. this was in only my second season on pes 2012..bought Pato in first season and won the leage then 2nd season did the double with a few more signings

The other one was scoring from (no exxageration) almost the halfway line on pes 2011 or 2010 ? with a Bekham'esqe lob, I still have no idea how it happened and I've never had it happen again, just wish I still had the replay but had a corrupted game and had to completely re-install


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I only have 'Best PES Moments'. These are all the seasons I have played in which I beat Manchester City, especially at their ground. Yes, i'm you all realised I am a Manchester United fan after saying that:p