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You're Master League so far?


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Did all you people start on 'top player' and 'very hard' transfer activity. Cause i started with the default team and 2 seasons in I only know 2 of my players. To be fair, WHAT PLAYERS - C.Lucarelli and Park chu young. Lucarell knows where the goal is if he has a cross planted on his head and he is between 2 and 5 yards out.


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Thank you for the layout DeserFox

I dont have Winning Eleven 10 because im waiting for it to be released in the U.S., but I already know who I am going play with

Master league: La Liga
Team: Valencia - default(ximenez, and company)
Level: 6*+(the highest)
After 2 season my team will look like this

-------------- ----Cech---- -------------
-- -Ramos- -Rozhental-Vidic---- -Wome- --
---------Essien-- --A.Diarra-------------
Joaquin------------ -------------Vicente--
-------------Torres- - -Villa-----------------


GK Carini
CB Pique
CB Lugano
CB Coloccini
CB Boularhuz
LB A. Cole
RB Cicinho
LMF Robben
LMF "La Perla" Reyes
RMF "La Foquita" Farfan
RMF J. Cole
RMF C. Ronaldo
CMF Ballack
CMF Fabregas
CMF Viera
CF Ryan Babel
CF Adriano
CF "El Bombardero" Pizarro
CF "El Shrek" Rooney


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Looks good...Here's mine so far.

--G. neville---Vanden Borre--Kompany--O'shea---


Rachmane Barry------------------------Messi----
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My Team

Well I haven't bought PES6 yet because I am patiently awaiting the Winning Eleven 10 release for the U.S. Though I have already planned out my formation as I have it for WE9.

----------------------GK V. Valdes----------------------
--RB Heitinga-------CB Alex----CB Salcido------LB Lahm--
----------------------DMF Mascherano------------------
-------------------------------CMF Gerrard-------------
----------------------AMF Van der Vaart----------------
--RWF C.Ronaldo--------------------------LWF Van Persie
-----------------------CF F. Torres----------------------

GK Ochoa
GK Carini
CB O'Shea
CB Marquez
CB Carvalho
CB I. Hurtado
WF Robben
WF Bellion
WF Simao
AMF Aimar
CMF Fletcher
CMF Xabi Alonso
CMF Fabregas
DMF Tiago
CF Roque Santa Cruz
CF Tressor Moreno
CF Kikin Fonseca

i have xbox 360 version my team

I started with hamsun valeny etc

on 4th season this is my team iam in div 2

Gk Foster

RB Gierson CB Knight CB Mokena LB Arca

CMF Young CMF Pattison CMF D. Jones

CF Vassel CF Diego Tristan (Somehow) CF King (C)

Nearly whole team i got for free even tristian i did not think i would get him


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In my 3rd season with Lyon, currently 2nd behind Barcelona.

My team;


Other Players;



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Is it me or is it a little pointless starting a master league with a team full of real players? Even if its your first stab at it surely its still too easy to build an amazing team. I'd rather scrap it out with Macco and the boys than take the easy road.
Also I think Crouch is average rather than shit, I mean he's done OK for england but only against poorer teams and in friendlies in the world cup he was awful. He tried hard but at that level graft isn't enough. Come to think of it his record for liverpool is pretty awful too!


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I've started with Sporting Lisbon and i'm having a 'realistic' ML. So whenever a top team wants my players; i'm gonna sell. Also i'll only be signing players who Sporting would have a chance at signing in real life. This is the best way to enjoy ML, i think. ;)

Think i'll bring Figo back to Sporting for the last couple of years of his career and build my team around him. He's one of the few 'top players' without straying too far from the realms of 'reality' who i could sign.


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It is Master League, it allows you to transfer all kinds of players, any player you ever dreamed of being in your team can be there. That is the point of Master League, to live out your football dreams virtually and build the best team ever. I personally when I choose a team, I use the players from match mode and then from there sell some players and buy some. It usually takes me 4 seasons to acquire the players I desire since I start off with 8000 cash only and in 2nd Division. Then once I have all my players I go for D1 Cup, UEFA Championships, D1 League and what not. By the 5th-6th season I go out scouting for new young players as most of my squad is probably close to reaching it's peak. That's the cycle, I personally enjoy it this way but I guess everyone has their own way.


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you have no chance to win with some realistic teams in D1 or any of the cups.

ex. cagliardi is not going to beat real madrid.


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It's not that hard a game, at the end of the season i beat Arsenal with my D2 team, which only included 4 players who weren't from the original Ivarov etc. team...

I'm getting slightly annoyed by the transfer system tbh, i keep on being rejected for players and end up having to buy some "free" players out of desperation!

Mind you, Tomas Radzinski has served me very well so far...


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Hey 1 question:

I am aiming for Online mode with my ML team but what is best
Players do develop or players do not develop??;)