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This is the flukiest goal i've ever scored. Didn't mean to do it and never saw it coming.

I was losing to flipping Switzerland and it was the 85th minute, so i was naturally in a hurry to protect my pride. I knew my men were waiting inside the box and i was hoping the ball would go to Toni but it was Totti that had somehow positioned himself in the middle. Blood quickly filled my head as soon as i realized that totti had missed it, even after i had pushed the defender aside and had clicked at the perfect time, but the fury quickly turned into confusion followed by disbelief and culminating in insane giggles.



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Haha, flukiest goal i've seen on PES5 yet. What the hell was the keeper doing! I would have thought he would have came rushing out to catch it! Good goal none the less.:tongue:


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lol, classic. that probably would happen in real life though. That's why pes is better than the robotics of fifa. Zambrotta will tell you that he meant it though.


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I wish i had saved the celebration because he went berserk and jumped over the adboards and all.

I think that the keeper wasn't expecting it. It's a difficult angle to make a cross from. I was hoping for the element of surprise and it worked. Wether he was wrong footed, surprised or that it was just beyond his programming to counter such a bold move, i don't know.