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Hola amigo un saludo desde aca. queria hacerte una pregunta. ya que tengo pes viejos (2009 al 2013) tenia todos tus kits desde el pes 2011 pero se me borrraron solo 2011 y 2012. sera que de casualidad aun tienes esos archivos con tus kits de esos pes en especifico? si no es mucha molestia si aun los tienes me lo pasarias de algun modo? sea por correo o como puedas
Gracias de antemano espero me leas jeje
Buenas, no los tengo. No tengo mas la computadora que tenia en esa época, tampoco se ni recuerdo en que pagina estaban subidos como para buscarlos. Tal vez podrías consultar en los post si alguien los tienen guardados. Saludos
Vale bro preguntare si alguien los tiene! igual gracias saludos!
Hi, Jack

This is Sing from Hong Kong, Sorry for disturbing you,

I am a PES Fans since 1998, When i first for register on pesgaming forums is saw your "PES2010 kits formulae" for PS3, i really love them and i love to used your Kits when you made, i still have some of your PNG file at my computer, but seems missing 2012 one cause the old harddrive is broken, when i try to find your PES 2012, the Download link is already useless, so i want to your help, if you still keep your old kits PMG file, can you sharing to me? Because i fixed my PS3 and have a project want to re-pack the old version PES Option File, now i am re-packing PES 2010-2012, did you still keeping them? if yes, i really hoping you can share to me, thanks

hello bolloxmasta, I tell you that I have a ps3 with hack, and the state has been downloading all the pes, and I would like to leave them with their patches (no option files) I know it is somewhat difficult but you do not have the files of the old pes? pes2011 pes2010 etc ... I only found a torrent to download them but they no longer have the files, I think your patches are very good and I would like to have all my old pes with everything licensed, I know it is difficult but if you had them it would still be incredible, all modes thanks ..

pd: sorry for my english, is only traductions of spanish
Parece que es una cantidad de dinero que te cambia la vida :laugh:

De nada, Pendejo! :thumbsup:
jaja, gracias boludo por joderme decidi vender mis creaciones, y recibi mas de 220$ dolares en psn cards y pay pal, y mas gente me compra a pedido kits y esas cosas (ej me dieron 10 $ por 5 par de kits), bye
I don't know someone who makes Swedish Allsvenskan option file.. I asked it in the forums, but I had no answer.. If you find something, please tell me!
Hey! No, I'm not working on any kits this year. Haven't had the time to do it ;(
I was hoping someone on this forum would be so kind and do a Swedish Allsvenskan option file. I would love to play master league with a good Option file.
Do you know anyone working on this?
دمت گرم
لطف کردی
مزاحم میشم
شرمنده اما این ای دی تلگرام 2520 آخر رو میزنم میگه وجود نداره
ممنون میشم شماره تلفن بدید که ادد کنم
salam ali agha
khub hasti ?
sharmande mozahem shodam
patch shoma ke baraye tem haye meli bud rikhtam tu daste 2 eng rikhte shod , kheli ham khub
ama agha man in patch ke team haye bashgahie clasic hastesh ro rikhtam ( ) ke tu from hastesh
moshkeli ke hastesh jaye leg haye arabi rikhte ke tu ghare asi hasyesh va man nemitunam enghal bedam be lige englis ke tu unja master bazi konam
shoma rahi mishnasi ke man unja in team ha ro export konam ke betunam be lige haye uropa enghal bedam
bebakhshid ke mozahem shodam chon zaban englisim khub nist goftam az shoma beporsam
mamnun misham rahnamai konid
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Hello Nico...I hope you are all right and that i don't bother you...Are you going to release any option file for pes 2020???