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+ is almost as cool as Barry....almost
+ is as loyal as Jonny2J
+ owns the chatbox
+ is too smug for most
+ is recognized by the n00bs as a leader
+ is as legendary as Arshavin
+ Talks more sense than Dale spam's. Thats a whole lot of sense.
+ is as recognized as Tevez's face
+ is as recognized as Joleon Lescott in a star trek movie
+ has a lot of pesgaming members scalps (or summat like that :\ )

- makes threads that rival vitumbiko's in shitness
- is as helpful as meyappan in the arsenal thread
- is as funny as Sweey when Milan are losing
- talks as much sense as dundons talking about 9/11

I realise that most of these are shite, but whatever. You may use some, you may not :/
Birmingham City FC.

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