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Sports Betting

Okay, I think less people bet on sporting events because it is boring, there is no real reason to do it. We have credits which we don't do anything with apart from the casino and betting on more events.

I took this concept from another forum.

Each member has their own win/loss record. You get wins by correctly voting on the winning team/player on the event. Conversely, you get losses for choosing the losing team. Now, credits are still used but it doesn't matter how much you bet on the event, a win/loss will still be counted.

This is where I think members will find it competitive enough to participate. Over the course of a week there should be enough events to bet on, that will total and a ranking table will be posted. I know it's so late in every sporting season but I think it can still work. So yeah, it's like the prediction leagues some of you set up with the Champions League and wrestling but the ranking in one big power ranking table.

The winner would get a banner like those who get Member of The Year.


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