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Yes. ^^
Could you try Onur Ayik (He plays for Werder Bremen in the First and Second Squad)

Pic Saison 2010/2011

Pic Saison 2011/2012

And a Pic from him in action.
Onur Ayik(Werder Bremen)

hairstyle: Mehmet Ekici(Turkey NT)

base: 2/8/4/-7/2,-6/3/4/-1/5/4/-1,3/1
brows: 2/1/2/2/-3/-3/-3/-4/4/black
eyes: 10/15/-2/-1/2/-4/-6,-5/-2/1/2/-2/-6,-3/bright/1
ears: -2/0,-4
nose: 5,-2/-1,-4/-3/-5/0,3/-3
mouth: 1/-3/4/-2,-4/3,-5/-1,-2/5
jaw: -3/2/2/0
facial hair: 29/2/5-3-2

Little bit update after Eisuke's suggestion.
Pat Behind The Back
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