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EUREKA!!! I think i may have blundered my way through to a pretty decent build of Victor Moses. Could never find a build that you can actually tell that it's Moses at a glance (ALWAYS a good sign of a well-made face ), so I decided to have a go myself...and hot diggity dawg, if I didn't manage it, if I don't mind saying so myself!! So, without further ado...

VICTOR MOSES (Wigan Athletic)

Hair: Briand (Olympique Lyonnais)

Base: 5/8/4/+3/2,6/-3/0/-4/-2/3/1,-3/-1
Brows: 12/1/3/+5/+5/+3/+3/0/4 (0,0,0)
Eyes: 7/9/-4/+2/-4/+6/7,2/+1/+3/+1/-2,1/Bright/1
Ears: -6/-2,-4
Nose: -4,-3/7,-1/+4/-1/-2,7/+7
Mouth: 7/0/-2/4,5-7,-2-7,0/+3
Jaw: +7-2-3/3
Facial Hair: 13/4 (0,0,0)

Physique: -5,+4,+3,-2,+6,+1,+2,+4,+3,-1

Hope you like!!
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