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Originally Posted by ThierryHenry View Post
Good luck, will you be adopting?
Hell, no. Where's the fun in that?

Originally Posted by Ali_BWFC View Post
Now I'm free to create all the threads I want, and nobody will close them! Mwuhahaha!!!!!!!!!
Evidently yourself

Originally Posted by Makavelian View Post
His partying gift was banning me. Up yours fick.
You're welcome Mak. I would say 'anytime', but that's rather redundant now...

Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
Let's not really go there.
I agree, let's not. Imaginary colours are after all, more vivid.

Originally Posted by Bish View Post
For fick, I know you'll appreciate it...
Thanks Bish, you bastard!!

I'd just like to say a quick thanks to all the idiots that have allowed me to book and ban you (looking at you, spambots ), all the threads I've closed and all the signatures I've removed. It was and interesting and educational experience, but things change and I felt it time to let go. As Sminky alluded to, I did look to step down a while ago, but for a couple of reasons I ended up carrying on for longer than intended.

I have no regrets and no malice towards any staff, just wish them good luck and busy times.

Oh, one last thing... this isn't one of those faggy "I'm leaving" posts.
Be on the look out for things that make you laugh. If you see nothing worth laughing at, pretend you see it, then laugh.
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