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Group Stage: Matchday 1

Tuesday, 14th September
GROUP A: FC Twente 0-2 Inter Milan
GROUP A: Werder Bremen 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur
GROUP B: Lyon 1-1 Schalke
GROUP B: Benfica 1-0 Hapoel Tel-Aviv
GROUP C: Manchester United 2-0 Rangers
GROUP C: Bursaspor 1-2 Valencia
GROUP D: Barcelona 3-0 Panathinaikos
GROUP D: FC Kobenhavn 1-2 Rubin Kazan

Wednesday, 15th September
GROUP E: Bayern Munich 2-1 Roma
GROUP E: CFR Cluj 0-1 FC Basel
GROUP F: Marseille 2-1 Spartak Moscow
GROUP F: MSK Zilina 0-2 Chelsea
GROUP G: Real Madrid 2-0 Ajax
GROUP G: AC Milan 3-1 Auxerre
GROUP H: Arsenal 2-0 SC Braga BANKER
GROUP H: Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 Partizan Belgrade


Group A:
1st- Inter Milan
2nd- Werder Bremen
3rd- Tottenham Hotspur
4th- FC Twente

Group B:
1st- Schalke
2nd- Benfica
3rd- Lyon
4th- Hapoel Tel-Aviv

Group C:
1st- Manchester United
2nd- Valencia
3rd- Rangers
4th- Bursaspor

Group D:
1st- Barcelona
2nd- Rubin Kazan
3rd- Panathinaikos
4th- FC Kobenhavn

Group E:
1st- Bayern Munich
2nd- Roma
3rd- FC Basel
4th- CFR Cluj

Group F:
1st- Chelsea
2nd- Marseille
3rd- Spartak Moscow
4th- MSK Zilina

Group G:
1st- AC Milan
2nd- Real Madrid
3rd- Ajax
4th- Auxerre

Group H:
1st- Arsenal
2nd- Shakhtar Donetsk
3rd- SC Braga
4th- Partizan Belgrade
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