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I'll be honest. I'm almost beyond giving a damn really. The pre-release hype is so predictable after this many years hearing it. The menu systems have been 'revamped' apparently (err, not in those videos they haven't, a new colour doesn't count). The commentary will undoubtedly be the same (terrible). Edit mode will undoubtedly still be the same (still unable to create players who actually look like humans). The gameplay will be almost pretty much identical against the AI as well, I'm sure of that.

These are all KEY things that need attention. I, personally don't particularly care about Man U, Juventus or Bayern being added (rumoured). That's three teams. I don't support any of them. I don't find this 'exclusive partnership' thing exciting at all if I'm honest. I like leagues to be licensed and players to have faces and that's it. I don't care if Dybala has his tattoo or not.

I will grant them, the new camera angle is a step in the right direction though. I'll get the game, I can never help myself! But do I actually really care? Not really.
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