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PESGaming Prediction League 2007/08

PESGaming Mini-League Code:
Welcome to I Know the Score (IKTS) the game that tests your ability to predict the outcome of Barclays Premier League matches. If you are not an existing player of IKTS simply enter your predictions for the fixtures below and click on Register.

Don't worry you will be able to amend these predictions once you have registered for the game which takes no time at all!

Existing users please use the IKTS Login form on the right.

Please note that that the Premier League have introduced a new single login system for IKTS and Fantasy League. If you are already registered for Fantasy League then you can login using the right hand panel, if not, we would kindly ask you to re-register.


Step 1 - Do Your Homework comes with a comprehensive statistics section. To search for information about a specific team click on the team name in the fixture list or for head-to-head details, click on the graph icon. It definitely pays to do your homework!

Step 2 - Enter Your Predictions
The Prediction Home contains the fixtures of the current Gameweek. Enter in your Goals For and Goals Against predictions for each of the games published.

Step 3 - Play Your Chips
IKTS comes with two chips which affect the scoring for that particular fixture. The Banker is usually placed on the prediction that you are most confident about and will double or treble (Banker Multiplier) your score for that match. The Insurance chip is usually placed on the prediction that you are most uncertain about and should your prediction be wrong, limits your score to 0 rather than -10.

Finally, click the Update Predictions button to save your forecasts. You are able to amend any of these right up until kick off

Step 4 - Follow Your Progress
Once a day's results are in the leaderboard will be updated and your new leaderboard position will be published. All the mini-league tables will also be updated. When the Gameweek is complete, a Match Report informing you how well you've done will appear on your homepage and will also be emailed to you.


Wrong outcome: -10
Example: You predict Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 1 and the result is Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 2
Correct outcome but wrong goal difference +10
Example: You predict Arsenal 2 - Chelsea 1 and the result is Arsenal 4 - Chelsea 2
Correct outcome and correct goal difference +15
Example: You predict Arsenal 2 - Chelsea 1 and the result is Arsenal 3 - Chelsea 2
The draw predicted correctly but incorrect result +20
Example: You predict Arsenal 2 - Chelsea 2 and the result is Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 1
Correct result +30
Example: You predict Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 2 and the result is Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 2
Correct Banker placement X2 or X3
If you place the Banker Chip on any correct outcome your points score for that fixture is multiplied. If a fixture contains a team that finished within the top 4 league places in the previous Gameweek the multiplier will be X2 otherwise it will be X3.
Correct Insurance placement 0
Example: If you placed your Insurance chip on a fixture whose outcome you predicted incorrectly then the worst you can score is 0
Banker Bonus
If you place your Banker correctly your Banker Bonus for the following week is credited with +5 points up to a maximum of +20. If you place your Banker incorrectly, your Banker Bonus is reset to zero for the following week.
On correct outcome the Banker Bonus works as follows:
Wk0 0
Wk1 +5
Wk2 +10
Wk3 +15
Wk4 +20 (max)
Wk5 +20 (max)

Previous Winners:
2004/05 - Phatmann2003
2005/06 - Yossi
2006/07 - Del Boy

League Members:
Phatmann2009 - Phatmann2003
S_Gerrard_08 - -Rafa-
slippy627 - TheDude94
keithleesmith - Del Boy
meron83 - Dragonfly
miguelcosta - Miguel SC
TractorBoy87 - Paul B
priestley180 - priestley180
yossi 89 - Yossi
DanCuthberto - Dan19
Kain_ACMilan - KainLegacy
Rangers_Fureva10 - Rangers_Fureva
nikos24 - Nikos
When you sign up, post your username in here, so I know who's who

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