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I spent ages trying to get a secret accomplishment for scoring 5 goals within 3 yards over your career. I'm pretty sure I have done this at least 3 times. Considering the first time (earlier today) I literally walked the ball in the net. The accomplishment came up after the third time so I thought I must have done it a few times previously. I looked up the accomplishment and turns out it was for "scoring a goal within 3 yards". I've been tearing my hair out with the frustration of trying to round the keeper and score within that range and after 2 long games of 20 minutes each, I finally got one apparently.

EDIT: I'm at 63% now but I am having trouble with Physical 34 - "Make 8 headed passes in a match"

As usual with me doing these accomplishments, I check regularly to see how I am doing while in game. So, while I was in a match the accomplishment said 8/8 but for some reason it never gave me the accomplishment. After the match the total has reseted back to 0/8. It also doesn't specify if you need to play a particular amount of games.

Also the 10 rating worked for me. Every time I got a 10 rating, I checked to see if it updated until I got the accomplishment.
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