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^ gotta say that verse is ill

Heres on verse i really like

Big L, this verse was hot man if you get the chance to download the song - American Dream. Theirs so much skill how he spits it aswell

To be sittin clean, in the mean beams is every teams dream
Big L's a Cream Fiend, with more green than Springsteen
yo know I'm crazy quick to smack a groupie
I'm known to mack a hoochie, do I got stacks of lucci? (absolutely)
Harlem Kids is known for felonies, and sellin keys, pushin 300z's
Gee-Es- 3's, and puffin trees, these Gees breeze while Dee-Tees
be yellin freeze, we stash cheese while keepin pockets full of centuries
Aye-Yo I'm set for the rest of my life
Some clown that laid the threat cause I had sex with his wife
I stuck my tool to his brain, so that fool can get slain
nigga, yo' bitch choose me, you know the rules to the game

and the 2pac verse from realest killers, pure passion as pac spits yet another classic verse, I particulary like this song the way pac spits it , so fast n furious

Is it, money or women to funny beginnings, tragic endings
I can make a million and STILL not get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinnin, I'm hellbound
Rather be buried than be worried, livin held down
My game plan to be trained and, military
Mind of a Thug Lord, sittin in the cemetary
Caught, I've been lost since my adolescence, callin to Jesus
Ballin as a youngster, wonderin if he sees us
Young black male, crack sales got me three strikes
Livin in jail, this is hell, enemies die
Wonder when we all pass is anybody listenin?
Got my, hands on my semi shotty, everybody's bitchin
Please God can you understand me, bless my family
Guide us all, before we fall into insanity
I make it a point, to make my peep bumpin warlike
Drop some shit, to have these stupid bitches jaws tight
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