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Yes, if you have a league already installed in PAS, it will mess it up.

Here is what I would do:

1: Create a second PS4 account
2: Install this OF on it.
3. Base copy the teams to Other Asia teams that you are not using (Not sure how many teams your using for PAS).
4. Export each based copy team
5. Install those exported based copied teds in your main account.

Each team in this OF has 20 players (except France that has 23 Players). Other Asia teams have 16 players so depending on how many Other Asia Free teams you left, the most created players you will have to create base copying will be 67 players.

15 teams x 4 players and 1 team x 7 players.

Once you fill up the 16 players base copying each team, you'll need to use CREATE PLAYERS to do the 4 other players for each team and 7 for France.

Hope this all makes sense.
This is realy helpful. Thank You for your advice. Will try this later. Cheers!
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