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Hello friends,

Last night, I had a dream about the future of WEPES... or more specifically, WEPES kits. I will share my dream with you, but first - a little backstory:

I joined the WEPES community many years ago, under a different name. Back in the days when Henry, Totti and Collina were on the cover. My first game was PES 4, brought as a Christmas gift because my older brother always owned FIFA and would never let me play - so I was bought PES.

I played that game so often, and then I played the next PES, and the next PES. Eventually, I found out how to make kits. I was terrible at first. I would use my computer's paint software, and my kits sucked big time! But I kept practising, and kept playing.

One day, I found the online forums, and it finally felt like I had a place to meet like-minded people who loved the game - and some who loved making kits. But the only problem was that not a lot of people made kits - and those who did, only made custom kits for their ML clubs.

That brings me to my dream. The community today is far more talented and creative than I could have ever imagined. Every time I see a kit on here, it looks better than the ones ripped from the actual demos - and that's not me exaggerating. I love seeing the work by the likes of Caveras, Miklan, Akiel and so many more! There are so many talented individuals, but what if we could be more than just individuals?

What if we could become a team? A team who covers any and all kits they can dream of. A team that creates content so beautiful and detailed, it surpasses Konami's kits.

I believe, the creators on this forum could be that team. Alone, we are talented, we can create a lot of kits - but is it possible to create thousands of kits and live our lives at the same time? Together, we could change WEPES kit creation, and it would be legendary.

This is an open invitation to kit creators willing to provide content for more than just themselves. It's an invitation to a team looking to become the face of WEPES kit and content creation. It's an invitation to become a legend in the world of WEPES. No single person can create every kit for this game with the quality it deserves, but a team can!

Who's interested?
I haven't much time to help,but I hope for this project and this dream it's come reality,hold on by a old pes creator,bye.
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