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These are some of my players that i have been nurturing, well enough since very young up to now, they are first team vital players, however you should note that, i gave them some chances in cup matches and matches against lower clubs, and they will come around and have a average of 80+ ability.

1. Huddlestone
2. A. Ferdinand
3. Barnetta
4. Aissati
3. Wolf
4. Yohann Pele
5. Michael Dawson
6. Schwartz
7. Andy Cole (if you play ML long enough, he wil re-appear as a 17 yr. old)
8. Ishmael Miller
9. Micah Richards (that's a given)
10. Drenthe
11. Jargan
12. Pique
13. Vomme

Those are just some that i like. Maybe most of you guys already knew.

Roland Cheng
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