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No qualification
No 200+ teams
Incorrect squads
Canít choose a 23 man squad for a World Cup (you have the extended squad for the whole tournament)
Only 7 subs on the bench (should be 12)
Incorrect kits
Same boots as FIFA 18 launch
Sounds great. And before you say anything I buy FIFA and PES every year and like both games, but there is no excuse for such a lazy representation of footballís greatest tournament. Iíll be playing the 2014 standalone this summer. At least 4 years ago they cared about something other than Ultimate Team.
I'm sure they will update the squads and a few other things! If this is lazy what about konami then with the last euro cup?? It was disgusting!! Not even one stadium!! Only a silly intro of 3 seconds!!?? That was all!

Man i'm really happy with the dlc! No matter what! The menus, intros, all the stadiums and the scoreboard together with all the kits, the whole world cup theme!! The lightning is great too just like all the previous legendary world cup games and FOR FREE????

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