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I'm not here to do money.
Just pleasure to have a good PES game.
Each year I use other work for anyone but I rework myself and I actualize the OF all the season with my own work.

Each year, everybody use the work of somebody.
It's for the PES community.

So, if you don't want someone use your work, don't share it.

By my side, I share all my work every year and I never asked permission to use it.
Because my work is free and it's just for Community.
Sorry, perhaps something is lost in translation, i was only referring to Cristiano for asking for donations on his work, which in fact is mostly PESWorld, this, for me, is not acceptable.

We share our work for anyone to use, but as you rightly said, and is pointed out on this forum, if you wish to use this, in anyway, you should be polite and ask for our permission.
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