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Follow this steps

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when i installing patch 1.2 its said d3dx9_43.dll is i want to download that dll ?
This is because you are missing a file.
Step 1. You can download d3dx9_43.dll here.
Step 2. Paste this file into your system32 and system folder. Also put it in your syswow
Step 3. Navigate to your System32(32Bit OS) or SyWOW64(64Bit OS) Folder.
Note: The location of System32 or SyWOW64 is
C:Windows\System32 (If you are using 32Bit Windows)
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (if you are using 64Bit Windows)
Step 4.Paste the d3dx9_43.dll into this folder.
Step 5.Run the game. It might work now.
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