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Yeah. The variety in San Andreas as you put it kept the game fresh I think, and moving through different areas was exciting - whereas GTA IV was 99% cityscape.

Being in SA's Badlands or Desert did get a little irritating after a while, but that was mainly because several missions included a huge trek, and if you screwed it up towards the end, you'd have to repeat it. The different areas themselves were a great idea, and quite a welcome change to the life of Ganton etc.

I'm sure I heard rumours a while back, suggesting R* are remaking Vice City. I wouldn't be opposed to it, especially given that I never really played Vice City except pissing about on it, as I was too young to really appreciate it - my time was spent on Crash Bandicoot, PES etc.

I wouldn't be opposed to GTA V being similar in scene to San Andreas either if I'm honest, as it still remains my favourite GTA by far.
I'll never forget this moment on San Andreas - whilst still on the first island, I decided to go on a little mission to the countryside area. Obviously the poh-leece weren't too happy about this. I'd lost my vehicle and was trecking on-foot through the woods, over a hill. Then I swung my camera around and had the awesome sight of 2 helicopters appearing from behind the trees, ready to gun me down. Made my jaw drop at the time.

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