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For MLS, you can find the stats of the players in older FIFA games. FIFA always had MLS for as long as I remember. And then convert them to current PES. There are stat converter tools, but may be hard to find.

Anyway, that may be the most important (and easiest) thing. The hard part is uniforms and appearances of players. Those are really difficult, if you aim for accuracy and realism. Uniforms can often be found somewhere (don't get arrested!), but appearances - rarely, and if you want an accurate face for all the players, that will take talent and A LOT of time, especially at first.

These things are probably done easier with PC tools that you can find on evo-web, but it's difficult to figure out what to do with them. If not using tools, you have to sit there and put values in the game one-by-one.

Tactics are important too, and unless you watched a lot of MLS back then and remember the tactics of various teams, it will be hard to find. I recommend transfermarkt at least to get the formations. It should have archives of games and lineups information for many years prior.

So, if done right, it's not easy and very-very time consuming. But if you truly enjoy it, then it's a good idea probably...
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