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PES2019: my bitter disappointment

Hello to everyone,

I used to be a PES player on PS2 but switch to FIFA on Xbox360 (because of delayed next-gen jump). I gave PES2010 a short try but I was dragged away by unbearable flaws (for me): awful collisions (the ball passed through the chest of my GK), scandalous referees, useless scripted runs and bad teammates AI in BAL mode.
This year, I gave a new try to PES (PS4) and I was quite displeased to find the same flaws are still here and some new!
The collision engine is still awful: my BAL player will be unable to have kids as the ball passed through his groin, ball passes through feet (!), legs pass through one another.
The referees are so awfully random that I think no referee at all would do a better job...
Scripted runs are still the same but it seems to me that are more efficient at disrupting teammates AI.
The advantage/momentum (I do not know how you call it) is a total game breaker (and it is written in the save game so replaying is not a solution). In particular in BAL mode, it is very unpleasant to play in a team of headless chickens against a team Cristiano-Lionel Ramos with a strong referee backup.
A minor issue: the preseason tournament is pointless if you do not play with a top team (where is Waldo: Arsenal, AS Roma, Barcelona, Sochaux?).

So while the gameplay still feels nice, I am highly disappointed by this game as for me, it is still PES2010!

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