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I'm still loving this show. The Walking Dead doesn't really differ much from AMC's other shows as far as story telling goes. I think some people were expecting more action or cheap thrills because there are zombies in the show and don't realize that it is mainly a drama. There may be 1 or 2 moments I think they could have done without but it is certainly miles ahead of a lot of television shows. The Walking Dead may not be my favourite but it is up there with some of the dramas I most look forward to.

Also the writer that was 'fired' had actually left because he was expected to take charge after the first season as it was thought that Frank Darabont would leave after the first to focus on movies but it looks like he will remain.

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Dexter season 4 is untouchable. Thats probably why i'm not enjoying season 5 as much as i'm kinda comparing it to the genius of S4. S5 hasn't been anywhere near as exciting for me
I don't know how far season 5 you are in and admittedly it did start of very slow. The main plot season 5 follows doesn't start from episode 1 and the main antagonist doesn't come into the series till at least half way through but it kicks in later on.

I agree with you on season 4 being the best and that I still don't think season 5 will top that but I think season 5 has been a great season which would have been tough after season 4. It is still got it's own plot and moments which differ from the rest of Dexter - which I love. Even though season 4 is the best so far the show can still be able to continue and be original rather than going downhill.
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