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Post and pre-goal animations

What's been bothering me lately is the notable transition when you score a goal, the moment the player just blatantly stairs at the ball and then selected 'goal celebrating' animation kicks in. Would be cooler if the guy could (idk how could be that done, it would be probably too demanding if the game tracked each players sight of the ball and whether the view is obstructed or not) start celebrating at the moment the player acknowledges it's going inside the goal. He even could react to shot in an even more lively way. Imagine he's shot. It looks like it's gonna be 'hit into the post' but then the ball luckily bounces in and he's surprised and happy (the face of joy that turns even 50 year old man into a child) and he shares the joy with his teammates, yelling.

Hope I made sense, if not, apologies, I thought this was interesting thought, I wanted to share.

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