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MyClub - Team doesn't play

I'm pretty new to myClub but I encountered the following problem. In some matches(many matches) the team doesn't play at all - not running, wrong position, awkward players movements and I'm not talking about complicated passes even simple (X) passes to 5 meters they give in wrong direction.

What could be the reason and how to resolve it?

Team spirit 99
Players stamina full as I rotate the players
Players' levels are equal to opponents
The opponents' team rank is like mine/higher or even much lower.

I thought in the beginning that the team rank is different so that's why my team can't do anything or it's because of players level, but now I see it can be any random team.

So I actually fight not vs opponent playing but with my players and very often the opponent doesn't do anything special he just runs through my players or give simple passes my players can't intercept are always slow and late .

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