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2012 formula of Homers 2011 build of Benaglio
Preset Hairstyle has to be checked if it still looks the same

Diego Benaglio (Vfl Wolfsburg & Swiss NT) by Homer

Hair: Zambrotta (AC Milan)
Base: 1/9/6/-7/5,+7/-4/-6/+1/-3/3/6,7/+7
Brows: 1/1/1/-4/-3/-2/+7/+5/4/black
Eyes: 14/4/+7/-6/+3/-5/-7,7/-7/-2/+4/-4/0,-6/bright/6
Ears: -4/1,0
Mouth: 6/-3/+3/-4,+1/-4,-5/-6,-3/+1
Jaw: 0/-1/-5
Beard: no

Neck lengh: +5
Neck size: +2[/QUOTE]
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