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The worst glitch ever

Well basically, I have a master league team with Kalmar fc, with the pro evo players (Minanda, Castolo etc.) and in the Jan transfer window, I bought Ozil (76) and Breno (67) as free agents. I played them for one game, and then after the game, I went to transfer market news to see other transfers, and then I see that Breno's rating went down to 25... and I was like wtf. His stats were like Goalkeeper stats and he changed position to a GK. So the next game I played him CB and his rating was 20... it was basically playing a GK as CB, and he was awful.

After the game the PS3 froze, so I restarted it and then the same problem happened but not with Breno, it was with Ozil this time... his rating was still 76 but he changed to a GK and had GK stats and increased his age to 33 some how. Breno turned out fine.

Now basically I have to sell Ozil after ages trying to get him. I'm so annoyed right now.

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