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Of course that win the games in a row. I know the basic rules to qualify that are the best result in 3 consecutive games.
Of course that to pass you will need to win the 3 games in a row. But as I said before in previos pes tournaments if you make a +7 GD u qualify to the next round.
But in this 2 times I make an important GD (11-1 and 8-1) and I dont qualify in anyone of those. I see that there was othe guys that pass the round with a +4 GD (4-0).
Sorry then mate I don't know what's happened as I've never come across that before, know sometimes you can be unlucky, have a really good GD but 16 people manage even better than you and you go out but don't know why that should happen to you, did you check the results in the competition page? My advice I guess would be to screen capture the points and GD pages, similar to above and ask Konami?
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