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I'm sure they will update the squads and a few other things! If this is lazy what about konami then with the last euro cup?? It was disgusting!! Not even one stadium!! Only a silly intro of 3 seconds!!?? That was all!

Man i'm really happy with the dlc! No matter what! The menus, intros, all the stadiums and the scoreboard together with all the kits, the whole world cup theme!! The lightning is great too just like all the previous legendary world cup games and FOR FREE????

I won’t argue with you presentation wise, they’ve done a very good job with that. I wasn’t comparing it to the Euro 2016 DLC, which was awful, I’m comparing it to past World Cup games. I played a few games before and it’s actually quite fun, which makes it even more of a shame that EA have stripped nearly all of the things which made past World Cup games so great.
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