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hi I'm Andy. I'm 16 so I will get my GCSE resultssoon. was born in Chester and I live in Mold-a town in North Wales. Big football fan-I support Man Utd. My dad is a massive Man Utd fan he never misses a game! he even goes to the friendlies in places like Australia. He managed to get me a season ticket at OLd Trafford about 3 years ago so I get to go to every home game. Also ben to some good champions league games e.g. the quarter final with Madrid last season. Also been to Wembly for 1998 FA Cup Final-beat Newcastle 2-0! Went to Worthington Cup Final last year. Millenium stadium is impressive but we lost 2-0 to the jammy scousers! Used to be a PC gamer until computer started breaking! now I have a ps2. pes2 favourite game.
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