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After 7 seasons. Stats will follow tomorrow. Don't mind any spelling mistakes, this was written on a tablet.

Great keeper, lightning fast reflexes, good passing. Can't ask for more. Only beaten by Jasper "The God" Cillessen in PES2015. Doubt he'll ever be beaten.

There were better, younger options available, but he's from the UK, and has both GK Long Throw and Low Punt Trajectory. Starting to save some shots since he reached 80 in all stats. Height in a non-issue.

What a rock. Desailly would be proud. Very powefful in the air, technically well above average, faster than most of the opposition. Can't really remember any situation I was left saying "you fucking cunt, get the ball!". He always gets it.

Not sure how, but he works. Slowly but steadily won his place in the team, and kept on playing while Callum Chambers, Galloway and eventually Stones left the team. That Ball Winning is absolutely crucial.

The past is coming back to the future. Needs to/Can improve greatly, but is already quite good for most league matches. Fast enough already, decently strong but needs to be even more to cope with his lack of height. Excellent long passing (probably the best I've had in a CB apart from Dier).

If it wasn't for that low dribbling this guy would be the best RB in the game, hands down. Powerful when going forward, competent in defence. Not enough Jumping to be useful as a CB, but showed to be one of those players that keeps on improving with time (aka "not a Ward-Prowse").

Well... looking at the stats he's a great centre back. And that's true. But somehow, he never feels right there. At least in a 3-man backline with just one CB. Like he needs a more physical presence by his side. As a RB he's just enough, but not good enough. After three seasons of development by Chambers he lost his place in the starting lineup, and earned a transfer to somewhere in the beginning of the seventh season.

The left footed Bellerin. Too bad fucking PES2016 has to start dropping players' speed from the age of 25. Good crossing but his biggest weapon is clearly speed, to both overtake opponents with the ball on his feet and win it back in defence.

If Messi decided to challenge himself and play as left back. Almost perfect, but he'll get there. Crossing only matched by Quaresma. Early crosses then... like a hot knife through butter.

Okay... decently fast, explosion is enough (barely), dribbles like he has arthritis, but those passes are golden. Defensively is borderline perfect, but somehow behave worse as a CB (even if he's a 93 rated one). The best header of the ball I've ever used. Worried about how much more speed/explosion he's gonna lose, which means...

...this guys has been seeing more and more game time. Quick, explosive, tight dribbling, inch-perfect short passing and overall accurate long passes, but sometimes puts tons of spin on them for no reason. Defensively is like a Kante, surprised with that one. Excellent stamina.

Meh, might get to be something good, but for now he's jus a useful bench player. Way too slow, how can somebody be this slow.

Dribbling is just enough, but that passing... he was some kind of animation that's just right, I've never used a player with such accurate low passes over long distances. Long distance shooting is also very good.

Useful player that I can't help but love. I'd been on the verge of selling him almost every season but held on to him until this seventh season. Punches much harder that it seems, fast and hard worker. Good shooting as well.

The best. If only he had more explosive power, he'd be better than Bernardo Silva. Stats speak for themselves.

I wanted to like him, but in the seventh season he was atrocious. I couldn't do anything with him. Sold for some nice money. Good dribbling and decent shooting, great short, lofted passes (liek B. Silva)

What a beast. Only lacking some more speed. Excellent shooting and accurate crossing.

The best player with worst shooting I've ever used. Holy shit he's bad. Crosses are as expected, dribbling is meh but not too shabby.

I can't explain, using only words, how strong this guy is ingame. Like using cheat codes.

As good as ever. Getting more and more clinical in front of goal, and surprisingly powerful in the air.

Ronaldo v2.0! Needed more Body Balance to stay true to his real self.

Developing nicely, the best long range shooter I've ever used. The rest is not even close. I've lost count the amount of goals he's scored from outside the box.

André Silva is still better. Yes, Clough is much, much better in link up play, dribbling, passing, corssing and anything technical other than shooting the ball, but for a striker, André's strength and aerial ability were very useful. Not that Clough is bad in the aerial department, on the contrary, but his lack of height is not easy to overcome.

Feels like Diego Costa but with better passing.

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