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BLM opening match, stats, growth...

BLM is one of the most entertaining and well-thought modes in any soccer game (my opinion) but it has a lot of flaws so much that I stopped playing it.

here are some of the things I think should be implemented in BLM regarding Stats and growth:

First the Opening Match:
after the opening match the player chooses what he wants to be Fast runner, Striker, free kick taker, Utility player... ect (the same as when u go to negotiations then search> talent search) and depending on what he chooses the player stats are set in which case should be the same always even if he resets the game 100 times>> like if he chooses to be a fast runner the player should always have for Ex. 75 speed and acceleration, cuz I think it's unfair that stats are randomized.

after that depending on ur openening match performance the player should be given 20-40 points and 1-3 cards for him to distribute as he wishes like if he gets:
7.0 above rating = 40 points + 3 special ability cards
6.0-6.5 rating = 30 points + 2 special ability cards
5.5 lower rating = 20 points + 1 special ability card

The Growth Curve:
I think that the growth curve should be a lot higher than Pes2009, I mean how can someone be a legend when his stats aren't even comparable to most of the good players in the game, it's hard enough controlling one player so at least that player should be good, not lower than average.

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