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FC Porto didn't suffer the same fate as Boavista simply because they were charged, and convicted, of different things. and the penalties for different charges were obviously.. different in both club's cases, according to the law, they couldn't be convicted of more than they were.
am I getting through?

this could be a huge conversation, but since I understand your point, and hopefully you understand mine, let's just leave it at that

and about Cissokho.. your lost he's currently doing great in Lyon.. and has even been called up to the French squad.. hopefully he'll be in the World Cup, but with Clichy and Evra in the squad, probably he won't.

and concerning Chelsea fans.. you guys now have Bosingwa, Paulo Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho, Deco and Hilário, they've all been champions at FC Porto and if I add Mourinho to the list.. you gotta admit that at least 25% of the Premierships you've won is actually our merit
You smile a lot

I do understand, I just believe Porto should have been convicted of things that they weren't - it isn't anything I can change, that's just a contribution to my dislike of the club.

That said, if you play an English team in Europe I'm on your side! :>
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