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Been playing since ISS pro evo 98. I'm still playing so obviously I think it's the best football game about.
Some suggestions:
1. I like that 5 a side mode someone metioned, but a 10 or less a side legends mode would be cool. Also sort out that player camera, it's really hard to see if there's anyone behind you if you want to turn around, or just add different zooms to it.
2. Master league online. This has been coming for a while, I haven't managed to work out how to play as your master league team online and as I put so much time into it I would like to, but this should be a completely seperate mode, master league online, with seperate leagues and rankings, where you have to play with your master league dream team.
3. 2 vs 2 local co-op online. Remember you could do this on the ps2 online, with one ps2. Also you should be able to play 2 vs 2 or even 4 vs 4 online with your friends.
4. Add training back to master league, possibly a revised challenge training mode or mini games, where in the off season, you could work on specific players' statistics, rather than just pressing buttons to change specific statistics.
5. Challenge training online, 4 players, a turn each, a ranking in this would be really cool too.
6. Please bring this back too, online this would be amazing also. Random selection match, one of the best things about pes6 multiplayer.
7. Be able to play the music in your HD during a game ala Skate 2.
Thanks for listening.

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