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Headers are all about timing , it is essential to try to hit the shoot button in the last possible moment, when you almost feel that the ball is going to fly over your player. Try it.
Sure they are.

Why is it that for every post there is is in a web forum stating something that is patently flawed in a game there is always someone else who says "its just your lack of skillz man, trying patting your head three times whilst rubbing your belly and then do it"?

FYI, I have played a few matches v the CPU, with Bayern München (best wingers in the game) V some D random D rated team, with difficulty set to amateur. In these games, I only ever try and score from crosses and due to the n00b difficulty level it means I can virtually just run to tochline everytime and cross the ball in. Out of 50 or so crosses I rarely ever score one goal! I have tried all manner of different methods to make this aspect of the game work but it just doesn't. The heading is BROKEN.

Accept that please.
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