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2-2, Morientes and Ronaldo Save the Day

BENFICA SL: Yannick (Moreira 57´); Argel, Paulo Almeida, Ricardo Rocha (Amoreirinha 60´), Miguel; Petit (Bruno Aguiar 60´), Do Santos (Fyssas 71´), Geovani, Sokota (Mantorras 79´); Zahovic (Manuel Fernandes 81´) and Simao (Joao Pereira 57´).

REAL MADRID: Casillas (César 45´); Salgado, Helguera, Samuel (Mejía 84´), Roberto Carlos (Raúl Bravo 45´); Núñez (Miñambres 70´), Beckham (Pavón 45´), Guti (Celades 70´), Zidane (Solari 45´); Raúl and Ronaldo (Morientes 45´).

1-0, min.1: Zahovic, in a powerful shot from the front of the area.
1-1, min.2: Zidane heads a corner by Beckham, Yannick blocks ad Ronaldo puts the rebound in the net.
1-2, min. 77: Morientes makes the most of a loose ball in the small area.
2-2, min. 91: Giovani heads in a corner kick.

REFEREE: Bruno Paixao

Camacho tested out a lot of players, making many changes in the line of second half. The Helguera, Samuel partnership in the center worked well. Guti and Beckham gave many passes and worked the midfield well. Camacho was very happy with the preformance.
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