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The new guy

Hey guys,
I'm zegarek, nice to meet you

I really was using this forum for faces, kits, etc.. for a long time and now decided to join

About myself, I'm from Germany and playing PES since PES 5...then from PC to XBOX 360 and now on PS4.

Since PES 2012 (I think ) I started a "Be A Legend"-alike thing with some of my friends, creating our own players and yeah, tryingto become a legend... and now is going on for more then 7 years, creating a big PES Database if you want, because every Transfers, changing kit, etc... it's like a paralell PES universe and it's quite funny where player land...f.e. Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Inter Milan,Mbappé for Real Madrid... and it's scary aswell, when you have a transfer in a game and it really happens in real-life

Well, that's me and already starting with a questions!

How do you make good pictures of players/faces, when you play PS4?
I'm planning on sharing some work I did and don't know how to make better pictures, then to take a picture with my mobile phone

See ya guys

PS: before you guys wondering, I joined in 2013, yes, but never really wrote something in or published something :P

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