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You are going over the top yet again like you did when I joined PES Universe and banned me from your thread. It's a game at the end of the day where people like to edit teams and share with people free of charge. Tom or anyone can share people's work what they like. You are simply barking up the wrong tree complain to The Japanese guy if he is stealing your work he is the guy at fault.

You weren't banned from the thread. I just asked you not to post your teams there when you joined Pes Universe as I went through that and it just didn't work out. I wanted a clean break from them and when people left for them. I wished them luck and left them too it. No contact from my end to you guys as there was no need for it.

It wasn't a lost to me or what I was doing. I am part of a small but great group of like minded individuals who purely edit to play the game.

I let it go days ago but you brought back up. Nothing wrong with what I have done here.. and if I see it again. I'll do it again no problem.

So stop venting at me because some of you fellas just can't handle the truth. Tom is not the Mother Theresa of PES. Stop trying to paint him that way and me in a bad light.

It looks silly especially when PesMotd clearly posted links of stolen work of mine on his YouTube channel. The guilty always come out swinging rather then accepting the punishment..
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