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Hi Guys,

Could anyone explain what has happened with the game. I have started the Master League 5-6 times from a start and every time what is happening is completely ridiculous. On the superstar level e.g. Real against cordoba 12-15 shots on a goal, 100% chances unbelievable misses and final result is equal or they would be scoring covered against 2-3 my players or from 30m distance. Than again and again against other less valuable teams and my main opponent cann't loose a game. It sucks guys, I can understand one or two or even three games can be played without luck or with a less motivated players but 40-50% of games just as I have described. This is frustrating, I am pissed off. I can understand that game play on the super star level should be challenged and with strong difficulty but this is so far from what is real and what have been till today all the time followed by you. I do not want to play any-more and doesn't matter how FIFA game play is bad, guys you sucks and I do not want waste my money on this shit of the game. Trust me I am very patient player but this, this is completely shit.

Kind Regards and see you on FIFA forum
ML gameplay is adjusted on a game by game basis to create a greater illusion of realism. Same thing happens in Fifa.

If you want to enjoy the higher difficulty levels in this game, without feeling cheated, exhibition is your best choice.
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