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Euro 2004 Prediction League


Group Stage:
3 points will be awarded for predicting the correct result, i.e. If you predict England will beat France 2-1 and the actual result is 2-0 to England, you will get 3 pts for correctly predicting that England will win.

If you predict the correct goal margin, you will be awarded 2 pts.

5 extra points are on offer for guessing the correct scoreline.

Therefore, there is a potential of 10 points on offer per match, should you correctly guess the actual scoreline.

Knock-out Stage:
Same scoring method applies as above for the match after 90 minutes.

For the knockout stages, if you correctly predict that a team will win in extra time/penalties you will score an extra 3 points. If you predict that a team will win in extra time, but they actually win via the penalty shoot out, you will get 1 added point and vice versa. If you predict that the opposite team will win, no points will be scored.

If you predict that a team will win after extra time or penalties, and they actually win during normal time, you will score a singular 3 points, and the same applies the other way around.


Prediction - Portugal 1-1 England (England penalty winners)
Result - Portugal 1-1 England (England penalty winners)
Pts - 13

Prediction - Portugal 1-1 England (England extra time winners)
Result - Portugal 1-2 England
Pts - 2


A table of the standings will be put up after each round of games.

A deadline will be set for each round of games, when the deadline passes, submissions will open for the next round of games and so on.

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