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Oh, and the "flowers for a lady" stranger mission has one of the strangest endings I have ever seen, try knocking the suitcase off the shelf at the end and see how the old girl likes
Caught me totally off guard that ending Think it clearly shows the effort they have put in into the side/incidental missions.

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1) The single-player must rank as one of the finest I've played. Great missions, and the world is just incredible. Sometimes you find yourself just stopping to appreciate the view. Faggy I know but I can't be the only one.
Nope. I have to admit that I've been killed by the wildlife far too often whilst admiring some of the views. Bears & Cougars being the main culprits.

This also has to be one of the first titles I've ever played where I don't want to skip any of the cutscenes. Even the banter while travelling in mission is fantastic. I love the fact that if you fail & have to restart a journey that large portions of the chatter are different, but still relevant to your progress. The level of detail is astounding.
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