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Honestly I think Legend and Bandiera can go through any of the 3 other effects they have (at least that makes sense). Also, if you buy a Bandiera they/ll go back to lvl 3 Superstars, so it seems like it can go either way.
It makes sense, though, doesn't it? If you buy a bandiera, they revert to the next lowest one. Bandiera is tied to the team. So Lahm is a bandiera for Bayern, because he's played for Bayern for years, but if you buy him then obviously he isn't going to be a bandiera for your team. He hasn't played for them.

I do know that legends stay legends when you buy them, which is obviously going to happen, because a player stays a legend regardless of what team he's a part of.

It does seem that it rewards a long play of Master League, which is a good thing for someone who likes to go ten/fifteen seasons into one.
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