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They (Konami) only took 10 or so years to learn that.
They don't seem to understand that people who play sports games want some incentive to keep playing. For instance, why have they never included a career statistics option? Or why haven't they added in things like a list of most Champions or Europa Leagues won by teams? Why haven't they added the option that after winning five (or three in a row) you get the CL badge of honour? Why haven't they added 3 to 99 of those badges, so that you could play 20 ML seasons, win 8 CLs, and you would have the badge of honour saying 8? No one's going to win 99 of them, but it would be easy to add a 3 to 99 in those badges.

I know it's a trivial thing, but it makes the ML so much more immersive. Things like the Champions League final happening in different stadia through the ML years. Very easy to code that into a game, yet they just haven't bothered.

It's little things that make players want to keep going. The gameplay (for me) is excellent, but the presentation has always been the letdown.
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