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George Best 'El Beatle Compilation'


I could tell you so many stories about George Best that Pat Jennings has told me about him. Jennings at his peak was rated just about the best goalkeeper in the world, Best probably the most exciting forward apart from Pele. Best used to like to prove that a striker was better than a goalkeeper when they were together on international duty.

Spurs played manure at OT in the mid/late 60's, Best went round a couple of defenders, then round Jennings and faced an empty net. He then stopped, turned around and went back around Jennings again before putting the ball in the net.

As he went back past Jennings Best said ' Thought I'd give you a second chance Pat but you still weren't good enough. World's best? Pah!!'

I don't think I'll see too many players in the George Best mould in my lifetime!
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