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Ace thread, this should easily be in the running for the best thread on insight.

I totally agree about the dummying of the keeper in 1970, the fact that most football fanatics have seen the footage and it wasn't even a goal it is a testiment to the genuis piece of play it was. (Every time I see that clip I'm wishing the ball will go in! Stupid I know.)

As a final thought, call me Krooky Springer, ever heard of Josef Bican? It was claimed he scored 5,000 goals in his career, although officially it was never confirmed. Playing for Slavia Prague, he did however score 50 in the 1939/40 season and 57 in 1943/44.

The issue can now never be proven but did he really score five times more goals than Pele?

I don't fuckin' think so!
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