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Originally Posted by elgen
- I know how to record the goals, but when it comes to VirtualDub and its useage, I don't know what to do. Don't you have a more specific guide, eh?
So, you're ok with recording - but want to know about how to compress and edit your clips?

...I don't know if you checked out the link to Stevieboy's File Size Reduction guide, but that takes you through how to compress the video.

To quote it here:

File size reduction using VirtualDub:
1) Goto File
2) Open Video File
3) Select Video from your video docs
4) Click “Audio”, select “No Audio”
5) Then “Video”, then “Compression”
6) Then select codec, ie “DivX5.1.1 Codec”
7) Click “Configure”
8) Next, lower bitrate. 526 kb per second is a good general guide
9) Click “Ok” until you get back to where the video was opened
10) Finally, select “File” & “Save as avi”

Play around with the bitrate until you get a file that is nicely reduced in size, but is still reasonably high in quality.
Obviously, the lower the bitrate, the smaller the file will be, but the quality of the replay will be worse. Over-compression leads to a clouding effect; similar to one’s impaired vision after a few too many stella’s.
(Latest DivX codec is 5.2.0)

More detailed guide can be found here, as well a guide to video editing in VirtualDub.

I will add the whole capturing/compressing/editing procedure to my guide at some stage.
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